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Very good experience I am using Hearing Aid and quite satisfied with Mr Virendra Bhutani very helpful person never charged unreasonable attend himself personal attention we get from here

Ranjanarai sss Rai

Visiting this place for past 25 years and travelled abroad later but never been satisfied anywhere and get satisfaction like this place. They are very helpful in every aspect and gavr feel like family. I would recommend to visit this place once and you will feel the difference which you will never get anywhere else.

Saurabh Taneja

Really satisfied. Coming for last 10 years for my mother’s hearing aid n Virender Bhutani is an excellent personality. Thank u so much!

Sarvinder Kaur

Had a very great experience. Excellent service. Full satisfaction. Took my grandmother there , the doctor examined patiently . Granny comes from shahadra to raja garden and not any other clinic although we know there are so many hearing aid centres even in shahadra. as she is satisfied only with Mr Virender Bhutani .

Kavya Gauba

My wife Mrs Usha Gulati visted Dr Varender Bhutani for hearing aid. He advised my wife very cordily to continue with your present position of your ears as it is not very urgent to get hearing aid at present , and advised don’t waist your money at all.
I hereby Regard, love and Trust Dr Varender Bhutani for his outstanding hospitality and his Good advise
The Important is that we came with money to buy hearing aid and told him

Chander Mohan Gulati