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With a team of immensely qualified audiologists trained as per international standards, Bhutani hearing aid comprises of the best audiologist and Speech and Language Therapists (MASLP, Masters in Audiology, Speech and Language Pathology), assuring you of world-class hearing aid services in New Delhi.

Top-notch diagnostic equipments, unmatched customer focus, dedicated professionals and a relentless pursuit towards quality health care make Bhutani hearing aid a cut above the rest.

Bhutani hearing aid is a leading hearing aid and speech assessment clinic in India and has been serving people since the last 40 years. Centered around people’s well-being, Bhutani hearing aid is a specialized center for people with hearing impairments and its sole objective is to improve the quality of life of patients with right hearing assessment and treatment.

We help in providing good quality hearing aid, follow up and beat hearing care services. We have dramatically improved countless lives and look forward to helping you too.

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An immature or dysfunctional Eustachian Tube is one of the most prominent causes of Otitis Media with effusion (OME), a collection of non-infected fluid in the middle ear. There are also, several other abnormalities related to Eustachian Tube dysfunction including local mucosal changes, obstruction and palatal myclonus.

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Frequently asked questions

Hearing loss can be caused because of many reasons some of the few known facts are genetic, aging, exposure to noise, medication and so on meet your hearing professional to know further how to conserve your hearing.

If u have an age-related hearing loss your hearing would be usually better for the low pitch sounds than the high pitch sounds the vowels are lower pitched and the consonants are higher pitched. With the result, we will be hearing some body is speaking and won’t be able to discriminate sounds and would feel the person is mumbling. If u or your near and dear one is struggling in these Ares call your Audiologist for the further consultation.

Ringing sound in the ears is common time to time there can be variable sounds like hissing, chirpy, buzzing sound in the ears. This is known as tinnitus, can be because of the noise exposure or because of exposure to any medicine or medical condition. tinnitus can be present in the healthy ears too. If u are getting tinnitus frequently meet your Audiologist for further consultation.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) there are 360 million people in the world with disability Hearing loss. (5.3% of the world’s population 2012). Approximately one-three of person over 65 years of age are affected with hearing loss. Best is to get your hearing loss treated as soon as possible to get the best results. the longer u wit to treat hearing loss harder it becomes to treat hearing loss. If u find small signs of hearing loss meet your Audiologist for further consultation.